I like school so much and I will miss my techr and we had fun and i wll miss siyens on the first day I wus frites becus I did not no wut to do and i wus now to the pepol in my class and I did not my techr but i stirred to get to no some pepol and
some pepol are men and some pepol are niyes then i stirred to like school
and my techr and my Fran's
and the last day of school we all have to lev





This video is abut the face of the playgrawd
The Desert is a reley hat plays i am srpriyst that some anmols can live thar
a desert is veery hat in the moning at niyt it is veery cold some anmols get woter from flawrs woter can come for one or two days a ninth a elfent can go for 5 days weth no water some anmols can day from the sun and that is the Deserts

Me We had so much fun we sow gruelus and bars and snaks and we got to tuch the snak we went to the barn then we got on the tram to the garden then we got on to the tram to go back to seeing the anmols we he'd so money thag abut the elfens and we sow deferent cons of fish we sow tigers and linens and we sow all kind of anmols.



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The panted late dug is going to be a caterpillar then the caterpillar well make a cocoon then the butterfly comes out wen the we let the butterfly go free . The mealworms are goings To be beetle wen they get older .




Ore stir well have a lot of toys and we well have vans to pot sume of the toys in to go to different plases so the moms and the dads can biy thar kid a toy we well have some wrkrs to and we well go weth them some Tim's.
I am worried abut the grass some pepol letr that wote make the grass dey and never grow bake we ned grass we love grass and if pepol kep lerting the grass will kep deying i thak me and famly shd tell pepol to stop letring so the grass can kep gowing.

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My life is wildfowl i like to Kume to school at home ti,s good i like it i get to play all the time at home.


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